Find your creative voice.

Who We Are

Kepler Mission Design (KPM) is a multidisciplinary design laboratory based in New York that envisions visual and integrated brand strategies for today’s institutions and creative entrepreneurs in the U.S and Asia.
We develop brand concepts and strategies, forecast and assess the market environment, provide change-making design solutions, and incubate new products and brands. By facilitating collaboration between different industries, institutions, and pioneering groups, we inspire cross-cultural practice and bring valuable opportunities to our clients.

Our efforts to create desirable products and memorable brand stories are aimed at a single purpose: to amplify every creative voice that is worth sharing.

What We Do

360° design system and branding solutions

— Brand language and story-telling
— VI system for integrated communication
— Visual application and materials
— Signage and environment design
— Design product development

Data-driven market trends and industry impact analysis

— Market research and opportunity assessment
— Consumer Insights and persona development
— Competitive benchmarking
— Brand consultancy
— Future development and trends watch

Extensive program development and implementation

— Mission and vision development
— Value proposition and key messaging
— Branded Communication and media strategies
— Strategic partnership and resource integration
— Experiences, Events, Activations, and Campaigns

How We Do


Think Global, thrive local.
We power the design, materials, and brands through innovation, experiment, and creative storytelling. In today’s changing environment, we constantly explore a more inclusive and value-sharing creation mechanism that prepares our clients for future scenarios, more audiences, and growth opportunities.

Through our integrated, bespoke design processes, we help develop solid brand structures and decisions for the next-generation innovators from Asia to North America, realizing their visions and empowering the communities.

Our Team

We are designers,
makers, and

Live and thrive in New York where creativity meets ambitions, our team brings in top-quality works, cross-cultural visions and a shared passion for design. Innovative, thoughtful, dedicated - Our team is a reflection of our works.